Microphone -let's sing

Come and sing with your kids! The most beloved Israeli kids' songs.

15 children's song that we all grew up on; Lakova Sheli, onia, Etze li Hashuka, Meachorey Hahar, Ani Menagen, Yadaim Lemala, Habarvaza Aliza, Shlosha Dagim, Etze li el Haya'ar, Ani omedet Bama'agal, Al Sfat Hanahal, Harakevet, Makhelat Naganim, Kvar Sidru Kan Rakevet, Yesh Lanu Taish.

The microphone has many fun options; applause and cheers effects and an option to connect MP3.

So come and have fun with your kids with the classical Israeli kids' songs.

The microphone only plays the melodies of the songs.

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Vendor: Pashoshim

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