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Strengthen your child's Jewish identity and values with Hebrew products from Pashoshim

Many Israelis and Jews around the world find it important to give their children Jewish education and to grant them with Jewish values.This way children maintain their Jewish culture and their connection to Israel abroad. An additional effort is to teach kids at all ages the Hebrew language.

Pashoshim gives you the tools to teach your children the Jewish pashoshim online retail store from israelvalues and to experience the Israeli culture through a verity of products in Hebrew. We have full range of DVDs, board games, toys, workbooks, books and more…

By using Pashoshim's products you can assist your children to learn and practice Hebrew and Jewish values in a fun and exciting way. Most of our products are made in Israel, and are leading in the Israeli education market.  You can find the most popular children's icons; Yuval Hambulbal, Michal Haktana, Rinat Gabay and many more.

Our website is updated on a daily basis so that the newest products will be available for you. It feels just like buying your child's favorite toy at a store in Tel Aviv. The products are all in Hebrew and sent worldwide using a 'tracking number' so you can know where your package is at any time. 

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For more details you are welcome to contact us at service@pashoshim.com

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