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Building words in Hebrew


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An exciting Letters, Words and Numerology Card game in Hebrew for kids, a learning experience for entire family.


Each player receives 7 cards, the remaining cards are placed, face down, as a kitty. Turn over the top card from the kitty and place it next to the kitty face up - this card is used as the first joining letter. Each player, in turn, takes one card from the kitty, and using the cards in his hand, tries to compose a word in Hebrew (Horizontally or Vertically) and join it to the letter placed in the center.

The Winner : The player with the highest number of points.

Advanced level - if the player finishes his cards, he takes 6 card ( 1 less than the first round) the next round 5 cards and so on.

The Winner: The first player to complete all 7 rounds.

The game develops thinking capabilities, matching and numerical knowledge in Hebrew.

95 Hebrew Letter Card game