A Miracle Baked in Heaven

A Miracle Baked in Heaven is a smart story for children (that even adults will love) from the school of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. This is a particularly exciting story full of compassion, faith, giving and unconditional love that encourages the love of God, life and people.

The book tells the story of Jakub, a devout and innocent Jew with a big heart who came from Spain 500 years ago straight to ancient Safed. Like any new immigrant, Jakub’s Hebrew is not fluent, which led him into agglomeration of strange and amusing mistakes. But what begins as an innocent mistake, revealed to be a providence and great commandment.

A charming and captivating tale from the days of ancient Safed, of the innocence and kindness of a simple Jew.

חלות בארון הקודש

Collections: Children Books

Type: Jewish Hebrew Book

Vendor: Pashoshim

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