Hebrew Workbook Samples

Posted on November 05, 2013 by Katrin Rezvani

Hey everyone! 

We on Pashoshim think that there are many ways to learn how to read and write Hebrew. You can learn through books, through games and more…  We believe one of the efficient ways to learn Hebrew is through workbooks. There are workbooks for every level; start with the basics and progress to advanced. Our workbooks includes a verity of exercises; writing the alphabet, matching letters to pictures, fill in the missing letter in words, complete sentences in Hebrew . We also have coloring books with sentences in Hebrew, so your child can learn Hebrew and have fun at the same time.

So, we decided to give you a quick glance at few of our workbooks.

Have Fun!

Hebrew Alphabet - coloring book - Click here


Otiot Bagan - Click here


Tzeadim Lehatzlaha - Muhanut Lekita Alef - Click here


Olim Lekita Alef - Click here


Kotvim Bechtav - Click here