Educational Children's Book in Hebrew by Michal Daliot

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We are pleased to introduce you two books dealing with parents’ daily concerns. The books were written by Michal Daliot, a popular figure in the world of Israeli education;

Bon Appetit, Ronnie! - Book in Hebrew

Almost every household has a child which for him and his parents meal times are a struggle, and the table - is the scene of the battle. 
Most parents that are concerned of their children are afraid to leave them hungry and they quickly prepare them a replacement meal to the one available. Is this the right solution? Or do parents empower the problem. What should you do to go back to a pleasant and nutritious meal?
Michal Daliot’s “Bon Appetite Roni” introduces the situation from the child’s perspective and provides an opportunity to explore educational solutions without the mediation of parents.


But he Started!- Book in Hebrew

In many families life fights between siblings are a familiar and disturbing phenomenon. Parents often drag themselves to their children's fights when trying to stop them, but most times they are just fanning the fightMichal Daliot gives children a first opportunity to recognize the educational solutions she offers, without the mediation of parents.


Who is Michal Daliot?

Michel is known primarily for the hit TV show, Super Nanny, where she joins a family, helps and advises parents on the difficulties of raising children. In addition, every Friday Michal broadcasts radio programs where she answers listeners’ questions on the subjects of family. She is a regular columnist on the subject of parenting and raising children on the MAKO site.

Short video on fights between siblings:

Michal received her preschoolers teaching certification in 1971 from Levinsky College in the academic reserve.

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May 05, 2015

Great books indeed. I’m also using some of Chaim Walder’s kids books with my children… work like a charm

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