The people behind your children's Hebrew Books -Miriam Roth

Posted on November 30, 2013 by Katrin Rezvani

Hello everybody,

We would like you to know the people behind your children's books, in each month we will post on the blog one of the most influence Hebrew children's author and our recommendation of one of his books.

This month we chose Miriam Roth and here famous book Tale of Five Balloons (Ma'ase Behamisha Balonim).

The Author Miriam Roth:

Miriam Roth was one of the beloved children's authors in Israel. She was born at 1910 in Slovakia and immigrated to Israel in 1931. She learned psychology and pedagogy, and taught preschool education. Over the years she published 23 books for children and 6 books about education and children's literature. Miriam received many prices, among them: the Ze'ev Prize for Lifetime Achievement (1990), the UNICEF Prize for "Tale of Five Balloons" (1998), and the Bialik Prize (2002). 

 Ma'ase Behamisha Balonim won one of the most important prize in the field and is our recommendation for December:

Tale of Five Balloons (Ma'ase Behamisha Balonim):

The book is one of Israel's most favorite classics, he is one of the first books read to toddlers in pre-school and escorts children's childhood for the past 40 years.

One day Ruthie's mom brings home a wonderful surprise - 5 balloons! Each in a different color. All the kids are excited! They decide to go out with the balloons, but then something bad happen: Uri's balloon burst on a rose bush… one by one the balloons are leaving in different ways and the kids learn to accept the disappointment of losing some thing they like.

The book is written in a simple way and easy to connect to.

For the book - Click Here

On Pashoshim there are more of Miriam's books that you can check out: 

Habait shel Yael:

Early Childhood Classics - now in a new edition with hard cardboard pages. Young Yael is looking for a place for herself, come and help her…

For the book - Click Here

Tiras Ham:

A classic Hebrew book for the preschool ages.

The kids want hot corn, they walk towards him and accompany themselves with singing and laughing. Story with joy, hope, disappointment and resourceful.

For the book - Click Here

Eifo Navot?: (Where is navot)

Where is Navot? One day Navot learns how to play hide and seek, he hides so well that no one can find him.

A sweet book about the game that sweeps off the whole family.

For the book - Click Here

See you next month