Teddy Bear

Come and play with Teddy! Sing songs and listen to stories - all in Hebrew.

Teddy is a Hebrew speaking toy, in his memory he has 8 different contents for kids. Using the USB connection on Teddy's back can upload any content in MP3 format to Teddy's memory, and he will play it.

The contents that comes with Teddy:Teddy's song,The clock song,Thimble,Creation Story,The fable of the rabbit and the turtle,Goodnight Song and 2 melodies specially adapted to toddlers.

There are many ways to have fun with Teddy; you can record a song, a story or any other content in your own voice in the computer and transfer it to Teddy using the USB connection, then you can let your child listen, or even let your child record himself.

Teddy was developed by professionals in education and early childhood psychology with full consideration of the child's safety.

Collections: Toys

Type: toys

Vendor: Pashoshim

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