Come and meet your child's new best friend - Taltul.

Taltul talks in Hebrew and has 2 working modes; day and night.

At day she is very energetic, playing and singing a verity of songs, musical pieces and has interactive content in Hebrew. At night Taltul is very tired and wants to go to sleep, she will say in Hebrew "I'm tired, I want to go to sleep" and sing good night songs while accompanying the child with relaxing lightning.  

Using the 2 modes your child will have a clear separation between the day and night experiences.

Taltul include;

  1. 5 buttons - one on each hand, one on each leg and one on her belly shaped like a star.
  2. 5 original songs in Hebrew
  3. 6 original music pieces in Hebrew
  4. 6 interactive activities in Hebrew

An Hebrew educational doll for kids.

Collections: Toys

Type: Hebrew Toy

Vendor: Pashoshim

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