Popo The Curious Elephant

The curious elephant Popo talks in Hebrew and help your child to learn colors, shapes, numbers and the Hebrew Alphabet.

Popo has an interactive question and answer system; when pressing his belly Popo will ask you a random question, to answer the question you will need to press one of Popo's hands or feet according to the question that was asked. Popo will give your child an immediate feedback and encourage him to continue learning. 

There are 2 levels of questions on Popo's system;

  1. Suitable for 6-24 months and teaches the child about shapes and colors.
  2. Suitable for 2 years + and teaches shapes and colors as well as numbers and the Hebrew Alphabet.

Popo include: 3 original songs in Hebrew, 7 buttons - one on each of his legs and hands, on his belly, on his ear and a whistle on his nose. 

A great Hebrew toy for your kid.


Collections: Toys

Type: Hebrew Toy

Vendor: Pashoshim

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